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Value Education

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About Value Education

Value Education aims to nurture children with moral values and establish a cultural connection while transforming them into leaders of tomorrow. Through mantras, stories and slokas, we inculcate ethical and moral discipline in children from a young age.  Overtime, students develop a lineage with their culture and heritage and they tend to attach a moral integrity to every endeavour in their life.  Through Value Education, the Hindu culture course at PowerKid, we teach the five cardinal human virtues and values according to Hindu culture – Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa. Value Education course helps in character building by developing self-discipline, providing healthy association, inculcating such habits of reading, listening, studying, and reciting, as it will sublimate the child’s growing mind.

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>> Moral Stories.
>> Bhajan.
>> Religious Stories.

Bhavad Gita Explanation

>> Hindu Epic Stories.
>> Bhajan.
>> Religious Stories.

Measurable Outcomes

Powerkid parents receive periodic scorecards for their child enabling a personal learning mode and faster time to achieve results.

Adaptive Lesson Plan

During the First session, students are evaluated by our tutors to identify the learning gaps and needs. A customized study plan is prepared based on their requirements and desired outcomes.

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The first session is covered by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise. If you aren’t happy, you don’t have to pay.

Value Education at Powerkid


The Hindu culture course draws from the values, teachings and beliefs of Indian culture and history, and instills the moral and ethical practices from a young age through easily perceivable stories, bhajans and slokas. By offering one-on-one sessions with tailor-made programs delivered through qualified teachers and passionate mentors, we help students learn at their own pace and accelerate their progress.a

Benefits of Value Education course
  • Promote all round development of children
  • Inculcates spiritual values and ethical practices
  • Get the hang of culture and history.
  • Instills a sense of commitment and service
  • Exposure to contemporary thoughts and principles
  • Impart a sense of responsibility towards community
  • Fosters creativity in children
  • Learn to respect Parents, Gurus, and God.
Why PowerKid?

Value Education, the Hindu culture course at PowerKid aims to build compassion and competence in children and strengthen their life skills through moral stories and slokas.  The exposure to spiritual values gives them an open mind to accept the opinion of fellow humans while also reflecting their own ideas and ideals.   Engaging the children into listening and reading religious stories from epics and puranas and into reciting slokas and mantras, the Hindu culture course aims to inculcate disciplinary values, and a sense of selfless commitment towards community.

  • One to one HD Video lessons
  • Global Timings
  • Passionate teachers
  • Parent Teacher app
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Practical learning

Learn to narrate spiritual stories at through PowerKid’s value education class

Can your 7-year old child narrate spiritual stories ?

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