Chess encourages children learn to FOCUS, PLAN, and PERSEVERE

through challenges, building self-confidence.

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About Chess!

Dating back to 1500 years, Chess game is one of the oldest games and has gained prominence due to its ability to foster the player’s creativity and to build problem solving skills. The history of origin of the chess game remains controversial as some studies suggest that the game first emerged in India and then evolved to spread throughout the Asian continent while some say that it was invented in China.  

Learning to play chess offers immense benefits to children from teaching them to accept losses to enhance their concentration and focus. It also helps them to approach life taking into consideration the perspectives of people around, as players learn the importance of predicting the opponent’s moves. Engaging in the chess game is an opportunity for students to unleash their creativity in strategizing their moves and plans as they exercise logical thinking to emerge victoriously. 


The classic chess game is an exercise for the mind and in children who learn to play chess at a young age, it promotes all-around development as they mature. This is attributed to the fact that the decisions that they make as they progress in the chessboard through the chess game are very similar to the decisions they make in real life.

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Level 1 & 2

Beginner’s level

Evolution of chess rules- Chessboard- Special moves- Symbols of chessmen – Arrangement of pieces – Nature and objectives – Naming of squares – Colour Classification – Movement of the pieces- Special moves – Promoted Pawn – Check and checkmate – Draw – Values of chess pieces – Three stages of chess

Benefits of Chess game

  • Strengthens the memory
  • Enhances planning skills
  • Boosts analytical power
  • Improves arithmetic abilities
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Nurtures decision-making abilities
  • Builds focus under pressure
  • Learn to accept losses

Why Powerkid?

  • One to one HD Video lessons
  • Global Timings
  • Passionate teachers
  • Parent-Teacher app
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Practical learning

Why Choose Powerkid?

Chess online course at Powerkid aims to equip the learner with holistic skills- logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. By signing up for this Chess online course, students can avail guided training, practice, and analysis from internationally experienced and skilled trainers. 

At Powerkid, the chess online sessions are one-on-one and the pattern of course delivery can be personalized as per the child’s pace and ability to grasp and learn. 

During the Chess online course, the learner acquires both conceptual understanding and practical knowledge as they are exposed to a blend of training and practice. We cater to aspirants at different stages – a novice or an advanced learner. Certificates are provided at the end of the chess online course. 

Why should children learn chess?

You don't have to struggle alone, you've got our assistance and help.

expand critical thinking skills

Improves memory and concentration

problem-solving capabilities

enhance self-esteem

Measurable Outcomes

Powerkid parents receive periodic scorecards for their child enabling a personal learning mode and faster time to achieve results.

Adaptive Lesson Plan

During the First session, students are evaluated by our tutors to identify the learning gaps and needs. A customized study plan is prepared based on their requirements and desired outcomes.

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