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Tamil, one of the ancient classical languages with an estimated history of more than 3000 years!

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About Tamil!

Vanakkam! Being the classical language spoken by people of India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, Tamil has served as the way of life beyond serving as a mode of communication. 

Holding scripts, inscriptions and texts dating back to 5th century BCE and being the native language to around 68 million people in the world, Tamil holds pride and popularity for being the oldest language in the Indian subcontinent. 

Mastering Tamil would help children broaden their spectrum of knowledge and opportunities, strengthen connections with its diverse culture, and more importantly open doors to the rich and long Tamil literary sources spanning more than two thousand years.

Did you know?

93% students enrolled in Powerkid Tamil Virtual Academy learn to write and speak Tamil fluently in less than 3 months

Why Learn Tamil?

Our Tamil language courses help students master the language in both spoken and written form. Based on the assessment of the student’s level of expertise at the time of enrollment, we either offer the course from scratch or from the intermediate /advanced levels.  

From commonly used phrases to advanced levels, we customize the entire course on Tamil language offerings to support the learning objective of the individual.  

At Powerkid, we have an innovative curriculum and teaching methodology that helps students learn Tamil online and master the language in the best possible way. They would help the learner set individual goals and track their progress. 

Why Learn Tamil in Powerkid?

  • One to one HD Video lessons
  • Global Timings
  • Passionate teachers
  • Parent Teacher app
  • World-class Curriculum
  • Practice worksheet
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation 
  • Grammar 
  • Poem
  • Culture 


Learn alphabets- Uyir and Mei eluthukkal and read pictures based on the same apart from the days of the week, months, vegetables, flowers, fruits, animals, insects,  rhymes, and numbers from 1-10. 



Acquire a thorough knowledge of all the Tamil alphabets along with understanding the sound of each letter, fluency in reading 2-3 letter words, next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, and the sounds of animals and nature; Learn to speak short sentences and to introduce themselves in Tamil. 



Write small sentences by observing pictures; Describe objects, express their ideas and solve puzzles; Learn basic grammar, Kural and Nalvazhi poem.



Interpret basic poems, folk songs and proverbs; Read passages, answer questions, hold discussions, and learn Moodurai and Kural; Write basic letters, and learn basic grammar on tenses and gender.        

Measurable Outcomes

Powerkid parents receive periodic scorecards for their child enabling a personal learning mode and faster time to achieve results.

Adaptive Lesson Plan

During the First session, students are evaluated by our tutors to identify the learning gaps and needs. A customized study plan is prepared based on their requirements and desired outcomes.

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The first session is covered by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise. If you aren’t happy, you don’t have to pay.

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Learning languages in a shrinking world broadens your horizon. Master the Tamil language and stay ahead!

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